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Default Re: Ceramic Armor values (MEXAS or AMAP)

Originally Posted by Gooseman2448 View Post
I am sure this has been discussed before but, I am rusty on converting armor in the game.

I am wondering about how to consistently convert ceramic (add-on) armor.

Does it increase the base steel armor value or the heat armor value or a combination of both?
combination of both.

MEXAS helps protect against KE weapons by shattering.

it's actually an older technology -- AMAP-B is the new version.

From this archived brochure on AMAP-B, I was able to decipher the following:


AMAP-B LIGHT: Listed as protection up to 14.5mm AP so up to 45mm extra KE protection.

AMAP-B MEDIUM: Listed as protection up to 30mm NATO autocannon, so up to 150~mm extra KE Protection.

AMAP-B HEAVY: Listed as "ALL KE Calibers (up to 125mm)" so somewhere up to 600mm extra KE protection (Latest soviet 125mm penetrators).

I'd estimate my AMAP-B LIGHT estimates as reasonably close to actual, as 14.5mm is a much less powerful round being defeated (26.3 kJ) versus 30mm NATO (25mm NATO was 96.1~ kJ) or 125mm (about 5,175 kJ)

In the end, this is the best I can do without access to the latest JANES book on armor upgrades, which costs $1,000+ :-P
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