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Default Newbie Questions

Experimenting with the winSPWW2 tutorial. Maybe tried SPWAW a long time ago and was put off by the graphics but curious to give winSPWW2 a shot.

Kudos to all involved in keeping the game up-to-date. An amazing amount of content too. The game does a very good job of displaying a lot of data in a very concise way!

1) Wondering if there is some mod that helps see the hill contours a little better? I struggle with this in almost all computer wargames I have tried. Some hill masses are easy to see and I struggle with others.

2) I downloaded v5. Is the latest patch cumulative or do I have to install a series of patched to get up to date.

3) Would like to take screenshots of the unit list but it doesn't work well. Is that better now in the latest version?

4) In the tutorial I had a Pv IVh destroyed and even though I used Playback twice I couldn't see which unit hit it. Any tips on this?

Again a big thanks for the game!

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