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Default Re: Men In Green Faces 1968/08

Great little scenario, thanks.


Upon disembarking on obj Fox Lt. Kennedy and his squad secured the landing zone and established a perimeter. Sgt. Julien with second squad disappeared in the jungle moving south west with pathfinders on point.

The patrol ship of Corp. Brusard was unfortunately swept down the stream (I've miss-clicked.) and was engaged by the bunker itself. The ship received a hit before it maneuvered out of the bunker's line of fire. No causalities were sustained but the recoiless rifle took out one M60 machinegun and additional damage and injuries resulted in loss of about 70% of firepower. Surprise was lost to this incident, sneaking approach was thus abandoned and henceforth, maximum aggression became the motto of the operation. Second patrol boat of Corp. Cohen opened suppressing fire on suspected bunker position and objective Rabbit.

The second squad cautiously advanced parallel with the shore about 150 meters from it. Several booby-traps were located but clear path was found so no time was lost to defuse operations. Second patrol boat of Corp. Cohen miss-maneuvered while trying to get into better position for providing suppresive fire and was also hit by the bunker, again, no direct casualties, but the boat itself was heavily damaged.

Meanwhile landing zone on objective Fox came under assault from VC force of about reduced platoon size. Two squads were eliminated in small clearing to the NE, but third squad moving along the shore from north managed to get eyes on the landing craft and opened fire. Lacking heavy weapons, they didn't managed to damage the craft and were suppressed from both patrol boats and the landing craft itself. Lt. Kennedy maneuvered his squad to engaged the pinned VC squad and killed it.

As the suppressing fire on objective Rabbit started to became dangerous for the advancing second squad, the attention refocus of the patrol boats caused by the assault on landing zone was welcome and came just in time. Pathfinders of the second squad advancing under cover fire provided by the rest of the squad made contact with the enemy bunker. The bunker was suppressed wit AP 40 mm grenades and Sgt. Julien himself lead the charge on the bunker. The bunker was breached, it is unknown how many enemies died during the breach, however, the panicking company sized force was reduced to 20 men during the retreat (mainly due to Corp. Johnson's claymore mine).

Second squad retreated towards objective Fox using the same path as they came, but at maximum speed the jungle vegetation allowed. Lt. Kennedy waited until second squad boards the craft and ordered to board his squad once the second squad was safe. Shortly after, mortar fire started hitting the river line of objective Fox, luckily, the boats were farther at that point. The objective was fulfilled, platoon escaped and no casualties were sustained during the mission.
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