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Default Re: Happy New user

Will post them up for sure ... though I may have to reduce the size .... I have so far created empty maps (just elevation contour and colour) for
Camp Kerr (an Aussie Army training area north of brisbane)
Fraser Island (large areas of ocean and great sandy beaches for amphib)
50km surrounding Kabul Afganistan
KIgali Rwanda and some bits of the rift valley Kivu national Park bordering Uganda
Couple of places around Arnehm Land Aust
Canberra Aust 50km square

All data is extracted from SRTM3 hgt files converted to DEM so has a nominal absolute altitude accuracy of 16m.

I have done them all in 50k square chunks which means the file size is around 23mb for the bitmaps.... emp files are of course small so posting them would be easier... I havent yet done any maps with scanned in topo overlays.

I may have to re-do some of the maps and make them smaller, as I didnt realise that the large heavily terrained maps may slow down the program...

Will have to experiment on some maps to find out what work well...

Is there somewhere I can upload maps to ?

I only have dial up at the moment so wont be uploading anything big until my next trip into town
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