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Default Re: MA Marignon Advice Needed (and newbie questions)

Yeah, I'm really digging the harbingers and angels of fury. Arch angels are a little trickier, as I feel like I'm wasting them if they're just hitting things with swords, but they're solid.

Angels of fury seem really fun because they have built in fear and blood vengeance. I've been throwing on a starshine cap/horror helm, amulet of luck, amulet of MR, shield of gleaming gold/vine shield, and a hydra armor/marble armor. Plus a brand of some kind. How important is the MR on there? I was thinking of swapping on a ring of regen. Base MR is 18.

On the Harbinger or Arch Angel I was thinking of going dual shields. I've got a pair running around with vanilla equip - brand, vine shield, luck/mr, marble armor, and wanted something tricky. I was thinking about an amulet of luck, starshine cap, amulet of MR, messenger boots, rainbow armor, vine shield and shield of gleaming gold/charcoal shield. Then spam the close-range evocs. (fire or air).

I suppose a follow-up question would be how worth it increasing awe/fear is. If I stack a horror helm on the angel of fury I get fear +5. That's a 5-square radius fear check vs. 11. Clearly fear is much more effective in friendly dominion, but I'm mostly on the offense. I feel like stacking awe on top of fear +0 is more effective than going from fear +0 to +5. As far as awe goes, Arch Angels get Awe +4 base. I haven't tested to see whether it's linear, and 2 shields of gold would get me to +6. If so, it seems worthwhile to stack versus chaff, much less so versus thugs/mages/scs. (I could even go two shields of gold and an armor of faith, then spam spells...Awe +7?)

I guess this thread is rapidly turning into me asking questions about equipping SCs. Thanks for the link to Baalz's thug guide! It's very helpful, though I'm still figuring out how to translate it to SC usage.

I'll have to try the blind + 100 precision spells! I didn't realize it worked that way. It's a pretty hilarious image, though.
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