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Default Re: Operation Husky scenario series

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Originally Posted by SaS TrooP View Post
Wow, I must say I respect this a lot, I did not expect anyone to make more than a good draw out of this!
Outstanding work!

As to balance... thats a tricky question. The sources I am giving in scenario description are clear that entire Weapons Companies of all battalions involved in this battle were completely loaded on the ships yet. That unit had no heavier AT weapons and even no battalion MGs. In fact, sources say they only had "infantry weapons", what makes me wonder if they had Bazookas or only rifle grenades. That cannon company that arrived in the late stages of the battle was priceless. But it was naval artillery that saved the day and immobilized or destroyed many tanks.

If I edit this scenario I will probably increase naval gunners experience to like 150, so you can call naval guns in within just 1 turn. What do you think?
Why balance its war I would be much more likely to play a hard scenerio again in the future than an easy one.
Keep up your good work I dont know how you find the time to produce what you do but thanks.

I am not saying that the scenario should be an easy win but playing a no-win scenario is not fun. The player should always have a chance at winning if he plays well enough. I enjoy a challenge, not a test of character.
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