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Default Re: Soviet OOB 11: miscellaneous observations

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
113,132 100mm AT-Gun - much more similar (or maybe even proper) is icon 8028 (a picture )
It was in fact one gun (BS-3 obr.44), but their weapons differ in range. According to an article in Polish Poligon (by Russian author), they have been delivered already in late 1944. There's no info, that new longer range ammo was developed in 5/45 - it used BR-412 full AP rounds with unknown range and BR-412B APBC rounds with a range 4000 m, although it isn't known when exactly specific rounds were introduced. Anyway, if we want to keep two guns, then #113 should be available earlier and end in 12/46.

114 BT-2 - first serial tanks were commissioned in 3/32 (now: 10/31), but only from mid-32 they were fitted with guns [book by M. Svirin] (in 10/31 only three iron tanks were made). Gun had 92 rounds.
Would need change in formations 05 and 153 first date.

Also from 1933 part of unarmed BT-2 received two paired DT machineguns in addition to a separate DT - there could be added such unit.
a drawing is pm27828.
There are known photos of such tanks destroyed in 1941.

134 AOP light truck
- better photo might be GAZ truck 00166, now it's Dodge WC-62 (in rare in the USSR 6x6 version in addition).

Or maybe it's better to replace it with an early light staff car, like GAZ-A, commonly used by the army. There is similar (or the same?) photo 27596. The rest could be copied from some generic Wheel-only class utility vehicle, like British #286 Austin. Good icon is 2746/2748. It could also be copied as an early utility vehicle.

192,441 DT AAMG [1] - picture is 12.7mm DShK on non-AAMG mounting. DT was a tank machinegun, that could be dismounted (photo: 21033), although rather not used as a dedicated AAMG, though it was possible... We already have a single Maxim AAMG from 1930, so it might be easily deleted.

223 Il-10 "Beast" - later US codename should be removed IMO

280, 403 47mm L32 AT-Gun - Russian sources on artillery don't mention existence of pre-war 47mm AT-Gun at all (especially not "obr.35").
Only, according to Russian Wikipedia, 96 Latvian and 4 Estonian Bohlers were seized in 1940 - although their usage was surely limited. Then, their specifications should be changed. New icon for Bohler seems 8029.

On the other hand, Wikipedia mentions usage of captured Polish (and Finnish) 37mm Bofors in 1941 (if it's copied, note, that a proper icon is 8000)

Also, 5800 of 2pdr guns were delivered from late 1941.

281, 282 76.2mm obr.42, 76.2mm ZiS-3 FG - new icon, probably dedicated for this gun (with muzzle brake) is 8026.
Same for #196

301 ZiS 42 - it was rather not a medium truck, but heavy (halftrack) truck used mainly as an artillery tractor. Max speed was 40 km/h (now 18)

318 SU-12 (SU-76) - IMO it should be named just SU-76. SU-12 name is redundant, since it was a developement stage designation, while it was commissioned as SU-76. Sabot ammo appeared only in 4/43 (and from 5/43 there appears SU-76M).
Front turret armour should be 4 (3) - it was sloped 35 mm in this variant (thinned in SU-76M)

336 Komsomolets STZ - STZ is redundant, but it could be designated T20 Komsomolets (same for 108,333 Komsomolets)

352 76.2mm obr36 IG - long and heavy F-22 divisional gun rather wasn't used as infantry gun.
It could be replaced with 76.2mm obr43 IG (Polish LWP unit #222, with its weapon, used from late 1943)

353 76.2mm 36 FG - new proper icon is 8024. Better name seems "76.2mm obr36 FG", in accordance with the others.

354 76.2mm 39 FG - new proper icon is 8025. Better name seems "76.2mm obr39 FG", in accordance with the others.

362 122mm 30 FH - better icon is 2115 - current has too long barrel (it was only L/15). Better name is "obr30 FH", or in fact "10/30 FH"

364 BA-27 - size should be 3 (now 2), speed only 45 km/h (now 27)
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