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Default Re: Windows Vista and Windows Seven Installation

Originally Posted by Artaud View Post
Thanks for the replies.

My taskbar isn't locked. And as far as I know I installed all the patches in the correct places. But I've gone ahead and deleted the game. Some files would not delete because Windows says they are in use. [huh?]

Anyway, I'll try to re-install everything tomorrow night.

I hate Microsoft. There are several games that I used to enjoy that just won't work in Win 7. In addition to our Win 7 laptop, until a week ago we were using a 9 year old Win XP desktop that we kept repairing until it's just not cost-effective anymore.

Oh well. I hope I can get MBT and SPWW2 to work in Win 7. Thanks for the tips.
Something seems not right with your W7 laptop - mine is a pain to deal with for older stuff that ran perfectly well under XP and before, but not completely hopeless...

Since it seems to be your UAC then I'd try:-

- 1) disconnect computer from the internet (cables physically pulled and wireless turned off, and router too!)
- 2) ONLY then, disable the UAC in windows 7
- 3) Now try installing everything, and ensure that you use the same path for each installer, and that it is outside of /program files/

NB - 4) For older games and utilities that seem to not work any more in windows 7 - also de-install those if necessary, then install to a folder such as c:\aaa\Games and not to any of the Microsoft UAC-managed (mangled?!) directories. That has been known to let at least some games and older applications work once more under W7. For example - Windows 7 UAC wont allow programmes to write data to their own installation's home folder (if installed under a UAC-mangled folder), which can nuke e.g. INI files holding your changed settings and so on and so forth.

NB - 5) Some games (and ours in full screen is one of these) - that used the 256 colour DOS palette get "interesting" screens, since M$ decided that as DOS was dead (yeah, right!) then the new Aero user interface in W7 could happily play with that as its own private colour palette!. That is why we have to use a command script to disable Aero and the explorer as part of running in full screen in W7. Look at the scripts we have supplied, and try making a version for the older 256 colour DOS game that W7 is killing by smearing its palette. (I copied it from examples on other game's support sites that had the W7 colour problem, did not invent the method all by meself!).

Finally - Turn UAC back on, if you require it. Then reconnect to the internet.

As for stuff that really wont work in Windows 7 (Such as my Borland programming environments for both Delphi and C++ Builder) - then I installed a virtual XP emulator for that.

BTW - Don has reported to me that Borland Builder actually works in Windows 8 - so Microsoft seem to have fixed something at least, in W8! - and that's something rather rare from them. (In Builders case W7's UAC refused to allow the IDE code debugger to work, even when installed outside of mangled folders, as it considered it a security risk or whatever!)

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