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Default Manchukuo aircraft (v.2017)

Just a few notes on aircraft, according to "A History of Chinese Aviation - Encyclopedia of Aircraft and Aviation in China until 1949"

117, 140 Aichi D1A - weren't used.

In fact, the air force was created only in 1937, and first combat aircraft were Kawasaki Type 88 and Nakajima Type 91

The icon could do well for Type 88:

118 Nakajima Ki-27 - introduced after 1940 (now 1/35, when it haven't even flew) (photo attached, or other copy:

119, 136 Kawasaki Ki-32 - introduced after 1940 (now 1/38)

It might look like this: or or - photos of Manchukuo aircraft are very rare, but color drawings show they were light grey

133 Ju-86 - there were transport Ju 86Z-2 only (photo attached). Only in mid-39 "it was at some stage planned to convert six Ju 86s into bombers, but this was not carried out, although one was tested with armament fitted".
(BTW - now the picture is Swedish)

134 Heinkel 111 - there's no mention about He 111 in Manchukuo service in the book

135 Ki 21 - the book says, that they were used only as transports by Manchu Air Transport Company.

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