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Default Re: Manchukuo aircraft (v.2017)

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
135 Ki 21 - the book says, that they were used only as transports by Manchu Air Transport Company.
"the book" may be wrong or incomplete but you frequently pick one source and make that the Bible to dispute what we have in our OOB
Maybe, but I'm trying to find most reliable references - and this one really looks well-researched

Originally Posted by DRG View Post

Mitsubishi Ki-21 Japan bomber number in sevice 6

Jowett, Philipp (2005). Rays of the Rising Sun, Volume 1: Japan's Asian Allies 1931–45, China and Manchukuo. Helion and Company Ltd. ISBN 1-874622-21-3.
Yes, but these six were used by MKKK (Manchu Air Transport Company), a semi-military airline, not by the Air Force (scan of page 171, that I've sent). I don't insist on deleting anyway, just to put it under a consideration.


.....That's all from my side.
I have learned that is NEVER the case no matter how much I wish it were true
Well, in case of Manchukuo it is true
I've never thought to deal with Manchukuo, and just came across a nice source on aircraft.


PS. the quoted Wikipedia page says also "The only bomber craft it had were provided by Kawasaki Ki-32 light bombers."
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