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Default Re: Manchukuo aircraft (v.2017)

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I have learned that is NEVER the case no matter how much I wish it were true
Well, in case of Manchukuo it is true
You've provoked me

I had no intention to deal with Manchukuo, but I just started to wonder, what could I possibly find about it. And voila - an article in a French magazine. I don't know French, but maybe somebody does.

Tanks are pretty correct, but just a few things:

08,09,10 Renault Type 79, 89, 87 - should be unified with Japanese OOB 200-201 (Ko-gata, Otsu-gata) - 09 should receive longer 37 mm gun and a photo 9132, and 10 - photo 9131. Maybe better names will be Renault FT and Renault NC, since Taki claims that "the Manchukuo Army never used Japanese calender designation." (

There is some mention about Type 95 Ha-Go - but used for training?

22 Type 92 SNLF - Japanese 147 Wolseley A/C and 299 Crossley M25 armoured cars should be rather used instead. Also Japanese 23 Chiyoda A/C seems more probable, while browsing Internet forums (considering its production size in comparison to a handful of SNLF car).

BTW: according to and the right designation of "Type 92 SNLF" is Type 93.

This model manufacturer: claims, that twin-turret Austins were used (651 from Polish oob, with changed guns)

There could be also added improvised armoured cars, like Chinese 266, 272. Some photo is at the bottom:

That's all I could find
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