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Disk Panzer Scenario Conversions by Zovs66

So a few years ago (when SPWW2 was DOS only) I created 20 scenarios based (as a source) off of the ASL game system.

Recently I found 13 (lost/missing) scenarios in an archive and worked to fix some of them based on feedback from folks and those are posted in the thread “Missing Lost Scenarios” (same with MBT but I had found 54 scenarios).

Doing some of the work for those missing/lost scenarios and getting valuable feedback from folks inspired me to get back into scenario design/conversions.

EDIT (7/16):

So there are now two zip files that cover the official 24 scenario conversions from Panzer to SPWW2 format. These are based off of GMT's Panzer game and all 24 or east front scenarios.

From my perspective, they are fun, fast and a bit furious. I think that primarily, the meeting engagement type of battles is highly suitable for two player PBEM games. I also tried to balance them out as best as possible for two player games and to some extent against the AI (using waypoints). I made notes of this in each scenario and made some recommendations on which side to play if playing against the AI and also against a human.

I think they are all pretty fun and intense little matches and had a blast creating these. If anyone has a go with them, please provide feedback and let me know if there are any glaring holes or if other improvements could be made.

EDIT: (8/2)

Renamed the thread.

So now I have finished up the work on the entire official scenarios (1-34) from Panzer 1, 2, and 3 from GMT Games, these scenarios are in slots 530-563. To round off this series of scenarios from Panzer, I have created six more scenarios (slots 564-569) from various third party contributors to increase or round off the total to 40 scenarios for you playing enjoyment. There are a few more from the '3rd party' contributors I may do in the future, but want to shift gears for some other scenario conversions.

Thank you and good hunting.

P.S. Look for another thread soon on more scenario conversions from other board games. :-)

EDIT (8/8) Added zip file with two scenario corrections 547 and 551. Overwrite with new files in the zip.

EDIT (10/13/2018): Removed previous zip files and created four new zip files which contain all the (previous) corrections.

EDIT (11/5/2018): Added a new Panzer scenario conversion pack (pz-pack-05) this includes ten more scenarios.

EDIT: Removed attachments as they have been updated and placed into the 2019 patch. 3/28/2019

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