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Default Re: obat 41 a couple of corrections

Originally Posted by zastava128 View Post
2. units 003 and 032 have weight 22. I believe it should be 32..
The ONLY effect "Weight" has on the game is related to lift capacity as in how many T34/85 M1944's could you load into a landing barge.

IDK when people starting thinking that meant "tons" but is can't because 55 is the highest number you can use there ( 255= 2= carries vehicles 55 = how much "weight" )'s an abstraction like a lot of numbers in the game. They are 24 in the Russian OOB and it means the same as the 22 in the yugo can put TWO in a typical landing barge. Make them 32 and you can only put in 1 and I'll bet the average player has only played a game with landing barges a VERY small % of the time they spend with the game

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