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A correction and a couple of suggestions for this otherwise very well-researched OOB:

UNIT 316 - had 6 crew, not 4. In addition to the mortar, it was also armed with 12.7mm HMG (don't know which type) mounted on the cab.

UNIT 516 - a good number of the armoured trucks were enclosed (so top armour would be 1), and armed with a 12.7mm HMG. Perhaps you could make an alternative version of UNIT 516, with these two changes? It could use Icon 810.


There was a series of 17 improvised vehicles called HIAV in use during our War of Independence. If you're interested, here's the stats I could glean:

description: armoured transporter based on backhoe loader
unit class: maybe 26 (utility vehicle)?
date: 10/91-12/95?
armour: 1 all round (steel)
crew: 2
passenger capacity: 4
speed: 13 (40 km/h)
weight: 9 t
weapons: 12.7mm Browning HMG or 7.62mm GPMG


source: Vojislav Jereb - David Spencer Improvizirana oklopna vozila 1991. - 1995. / Croatian improvised AFVs 1991. - 1995.
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