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Default Re: List of games currently seeking players (Making a new game? Need Subs? Post Here!

Looking for a sub for MA Ulm for the game Bay12Round14.

The map is Latus, turn 58. Using CBM 1.94.

There's four major players left in the game, each with 100+ provinces. Ulm is second place territory-wise with 138.
Two more players are minor powers, but still holding strong.

Definitely a late game, with most artifacts and elemental royalty taken. Ulm holds a number of artifacts equipped on their Iron Angels.

Five globals are currently in game. The Forge, the Strands, the Eyes of God, the Guardians of the Deep and Dark Skies. The last one cast by Ulm(likely with a huge amount of extra gems put into it).

Currently fighting Marignon. A few turns ago Ulm had been the leading power, and found themselves under attack by Marignon, Machaka and R'lyeh. The latter two started fighting among themselves as soon as Ulm fell from the first place.

Plenty of room for diplomacy and backstabbing, as well as playing with endgame spells.

The game-related thread is in another forum:

Most PM-based diplomacy and notifications go through there.

Will accept anyone, although more experienced players would be preffered.
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