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Default Re: Not sure if anyone will read this but...

Hello to Geoschmo. Yes, I pay attention to when Shrapnel Games sends me an email update, so I saw this promptly.

Just recently, I was playing some SE5. I've long since lost my CD code, and my last two computers don't even have CD players. No worries, I play it on STEAM. 'Member? When I was one of the peopl who didn't want to play SE5 on Steam? Welp, STEAM helped me this time and I'm glad.

I just got an Android phone, replaced my Windows phone. Anyway, I went to Malfador's website, but its been taken over by a squatter. I think there was an Android game by Malfador at some point,

I recently (well, 3 or 4 years ago) discovered reddit, you know, 10 years after everyone else. Sure enough, there's a Space Empires subreddit, and Captain Kwok is there.
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