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Default Re: WIP Campaign - Gateway to Asia

I changed the names of the leaders for the tank company and the PzGren HQ squad to historical names drawn from officers of the 23. Panzer-Division. I gave the tank company an Abteilung structure by naming the platoons “companies”.

Kampfgruppe Burmeister

II/Panzer-Regiment 201 (Soltmann)
- - - 5. Kp (Fechner)
- - - 6. Kp (Grahn)
- - - 7. Kp (Ott)

3./Schützen-Regiment 126 (SPW-Kompanie) (Lieher)

(Pz)Aufklärungszug (Oskierski)

- - - - - - – – - - - - - – - SPOILERS BELOW - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scenario 00: Moskovskiy

Turn 1-3

Effort begins with Schwerpunkt to the south.

Turn 4

Aufklärungszug meldet Feindberürhung. Iwan opens fire with AT-rifles from the outskirts of MOSKOVSKIY.

Turn 5-8

Fiendpanzer erkannt!
7./PzRgt 201 exchange fire with T-70 tanks in the south. Kampfgruppe advance continues. Oskierski (Aufkl.Zug) geht zurück. 6./PzRgt201 knocks out three T-70 light tanks, (Entfärnung 700 meter) one each claimed by Fehrenberg (PzIV lang), Tritschler (PzIIIL) and Stiewe (PzIIIL). Enemy artillery fire from MOSKOVSKIY directad at KG.

Gahlen(PzII), 5./PzRgt201, knocked out by fire from T-70, northern part of the village.

Turn 9-14

Grahn (KpChef 6./PzRgt201) (PzIIIL) claims a fourth T-70, quickly followed by Patzhold (PzIIIL) of 7./PzRgt201 killing a fifth enemy T-70. Fdl. Sicherung – Cavalry, west of MOSKOVSKIY destroyed by 5. and 6./PzRgt201. SPW-Kompanie (3./SR126) moves forward. Iwan infantry with AT-rifles defending the village outskirts damage two SPWs and knocks out a third. 5. and 6./PzRgt201 engage yet more T-70s inside the village. Another three enemy tanks judged to have been knocked out. Our infantry enters the village under cover from mortars.

Turn 15-20

Grahn (KpChef 6./PzRgt201) is immobilized by Iwan tank fire in the southern part of the village. 6.Kp advance stalls. In the north 5.Kp under Ott meets with more success and penetrates into the village supported by riflemen of the SPW-Kp.

5. and 7.Kp/PzRgt201 wheel south and moves through the village supported by the SPW-Kp on foot. The fighting is hard. Most Iwans die defending the village, only a handful flee to the east. Another half-dozen T-70 tanks are destroyed. One PzIIf of 5.Kp is lost to a hand held AT-weapon attack. The crew is killed. Some infantry squads are reduced but the enemy does not have strength enough to stop our attack. The village is taken.

Funkspruch an Division:
“Moskovisky eingenommen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Solid scenario. There were more T-70 tanks than I expected. I would have preferred to have a dedicated Forward Observer than having the A0 unit doing that job.

I expected to be able to pick off the T-70s at range but had to move under 700 meters to be effective with the Pz IIIs.

Found no problems with the OOB or the map. The Soviet defenders do not counterattack at the end.
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