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Default Re: Modded nations only PBEM

yea, was playing forest of loren earlier. I also suggest the fallen crusade (new nephilim) mod, seems fairly balanced to me (recruitables a bit bland yet strong and only way to get mages is indies/30+ astral summons). Rise of the gollarn is ok, as are the kami, black moon, knights of light and knights of justice. Devils lair should be open to debate imo as it can recruit devils as commanders and demon knights/storm demons as troops among others (though it pays for them). If any nations conflict then some1 could just swap them around probably. Oglala Sioux, orcish empire, amazon empire and false dawn (my false dawn no longer works, if someone could put all the mods we are using into one mod it would help.)

Another thing to consider would be using the: an age aside mod which has 17 different nations, only a few units each but i find it fun.
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