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Default Re: Infantry LMGs

Originally Posted by sabresandy View Post
HEK baselines:

Box-fed: 4
Drum-fed: 6
Belt-fed: 8

Automatic rifle: -1 (penalizing automatic rifles--BAR, M14 SAW, heavy-barrel FALs)
Battle-rifle caliber: +1 (rationale: penetrating light cover to more of an extent than assault-caliber SAWs can)
ROF bonus?: +1
In a 5 minute game turn the feed mechanism (box, drum, belt) is pretty irrelevant. This isn't an FPS where a second or two one way or the other matters.

I'd look at the stabilization method; none, bipod, or tripod: and standard sights; iron or scoped: rather then caliber or general method of use/employment.

And while I agree with Don, I'm curious to see what you come up with.
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