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Default Re: Infantry LMGs

I am not a specialist for weapons, but I have found the ideal opportunity for me to be satisfied with the game. Whenever I think something is wrong with the units or the weapons, i change them to my satisfaction. It is my Game!

This LMG thing, why not use all the expertise of qualified men and put everything into a mod? If the users love it, the modmakers could issue one for all nations perhaps?

Speaking in general, not because of this LMG story:

Sometimes I think that every time an expert presents a WW2-postcard in which a MG is mounted on a bike, the game is changed to be more accurate. Then after a while, it falls on someone that this MG is not simply mounted on the bike. It is mounted between the bicycle handlebar! And, of course, the expert asks for rectification. But the programming reaches its limits or either it would assume a horrible amount of time ... there is no way to please everyone.
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