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Default Re: Souls of Shiar, Shards of a dead world - a nation for dominions and dominions 3K

I've created this nation primarily for dominions 3000 but since it uses no spaceforms it can be used perfectly for dominions vanilla.

I've just created the nation so more balancing might be needed.

I hope some people try the nation and I'd love to get feedback on balance for vanilla and for dom 3K.

A little hint: USE the new holy spells I made.

For balance suggestions: the idea is that all units stay ethereal and that all cap only units stay immortal. The attacks need to remain an.

If the nation needs to be stronger ( but I doubt it) things I've got in the back of my mind are:
- chill aura's
- BF wide versions of my new holy spells
- higher HP and damage

If the nation needs to be weaker:
- I'm primarily thinking about lowering HP or damage then

PS I'm pretty proud about the new spells I created, needed to look up a lot in the spell DB etc, finding the code for "works only on undead" etc, finding out how to use the different buffspells. So plz do take a good look at those 2-3 spells
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