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Default Re: Souls of Shiar, Shards of a dead world - a nation for dominions and dominions 3K

- added 3 heroes
-- The High Preacher
-- The Consort
-- The Master of the Hunt
- added a multi hero
-- Exarch

- new battlefield wide versions of the holy spells (air/holy and death/holy so they can cost gems, needed because they are very powerfull)

- some summons
-- Shiar dragon
-- Shiar hounds of the collossi
-- a remote convert souls spell

I consider the nation pretty fleshed out now with appropriate summons, heroes and spells. Their story feels good to me and though their units are limited in number I think it covers all flavor and theme I came up with. Unless I get good idea's adding units can't really be defended flavor wise.
SO for now the nation is ready...

EXCEPT for final balancing for which I need it play tested. So I'll call this version 0.9, going to 1.00 once it's been through some playtesting and balancing.
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New and different undead nation? Try Souls of Shiar. Including new powerfull holy magic.
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