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Default Re: Souls of Shiar, Shards of a dead world - a nation for dominions and dominions 3K

- is having sneaky priests that much of a problem?
- The mages do get all paths.. but not neccesarily any usefull combo's, only 150%.. are they overpowered? I'd rather not mess to much with the stats though.. I can probably balance him by increasing price.
- I'll look into the paths on the cap only mages (fixed it was 7269 instead of 7296)
- The pretender needs to be immortal, I guess I could give him less HP though. --> gone to 40 now. his start price goes to 125 and I'll make his path cost 50. and to make him even more expensive I'll start with dom 1 now.. that should give less points to play around if you want dom 10. He is supposed to be about as strong as the PoD though.
- balancing immortal troops isn't easy I agree (have said so myself in the vampire thread where someone wanted a completely immortal army).. I hoped that by making them cap only I could make a good start. Maybe I'll lower their hp a bit more. Or I could make them all sacred that would make them more powerfull per troop but severely limit the number you could get. But then one would probably only use the Collossi. I think this needs to be balanced by resources. It already gives a good choice between going for high res for cap troops or not (since the rest of the castles would not need anything higher than sloth 3) I think I'll give them a negative resources or something, it's hard for ghosts to manipulate resources etc.
- I've fixed the convert spell (I had path 0 5 and then path 0 8.. so it replaced the death magic instead of being a sec req. it's now 0 5, 1 8 (death prim, holy sec)

Ow and the shiar high priest isn't supposed to have that dark dragon sprite obviously just see it now.
Also the enslave quadraped and monster should have another attack but for some strange reason it's not showing.
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