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Default Re: Flamethrowers

The code for flame weapons is special, and the HEAT value is used in attacks, especially close assault code (and AFAIR, the HEAT value for ATR is similar).

Flame weapons are HE, and are dealt with by special stuff here and there in the spaghetti.

They will therefore remain as-is, since that is what the code wants them to be.

Now - if I rewrote the code base from the ground up as a 2.0 version (in other words, a brand new game) then things might be more logical. e.g. no magic "accuracy" number - something more like the accuracy line that tabletop games use. Plus other weirdness that stem from it being designed as an MSDOS game which originally was squeezing a quart into a pint pot of less than 1MB of RAM (and needed a whopping 4MB system when replay was introduced in SP2, which actually led to our sp2ww2 hack way back, since SP1 was not slated to get replay).

For now - flame does what it does, and the data used is what the game expects of flame weapons.
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