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Default Re: Unit Movement Keys?

Like i say if you're playing a large engagement, with many hexes... and with many of your units.... all having to say move 'right.'

Let's say they're only moving a few hexes at a time (or sometimes 1 if they're infantry in rough terrain haha.)

Well.... to move 10 units... over 20 turns is to move and click the mouse 200 times. That is just with 10 units??!

Where as pressing buttons, with short cut unit cycle keys and a key for say right in this example is a million times less onerous.

Sure you would use the mouse for moving units like tanks / fast units etc. but for the slow sludge of humanity behind them, keys would be a life saver and there is no pretending otherwise.

There is no way... some guy is pleasantly benign at the prospect of say moving 40 units to the right each turn.... for 20 - 30 turns hehe.

So I deffo urge the inclusion of movement keys - so they can be used for repetitive tasks instead of the mouse. It would make larger scenarios far more playable imo.
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