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Default Re: New version 3.1.0 of Proportions Mod for SEIV available!

Hehe, yep! Actually, I fixed it years ago in 3.0.6, but I don't think I ever published version 3.0.6. I was working of 3.0.7 when I stopped doing much of anything with Space Empires.

I did find what I think is sort of a fix for an old problem in Intel missions, too. That is, the "Maintenance Problems" mission for attacking planet cargo has an effect of 1, which does like 1 point of damage to units on planets, and so it should be modded up to a damage amount that might actually destroy a unit or more. Meanwhile, the "Cargo Bomb" mission also has an effect of 1, but any positive amount seems to destroy all cargo on a ship, so that one's description should be changed to say that all cargo on the ship was destroyed.
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