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Fallout Re: North Korea OOB

Went to that site the link is there to this thread. I think it's him though not sure. But the site in the tank section specifically for the Pokpung-ho at the bottom of the page it reports of a "new antitank missile, Bulsae-3" fired in Feb. 2016 against a Chonma-216 a "sub variant" of the Pokpung-ho. Hopefully the below will open to this page note the two bottom pictures of the page.

Sounds like it's modified from the Russian KORNET.

I agree that a 30mm GL is more in line as well. A 40mm would be a little more obvious I think. I didn't even think about the 30mm to be honest with you.

On the other missile well guess from where and whom note last item of first post on this page this came off the web...

Don't do "PEN math" but, agree with assessment and comparative missile equivalent which is in line with the web though there's less here than with the above ATGW.

Oh Great Rabbit in the sky PLEASE let there not be too many "rabbit holes" here. Unlike India lots less info here normally. Like India can very easily be a PITA.

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