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Default Re: The Curse of the Delay

The range of experience and skill level of players is far too wide to arbitrarily make changes to make one segment happy...and annoy others

The delaying side barely gets a company to defend 1.5 km of frontage. All you have done is set up a game to prove a point but the point is ridiculous..... what did you expect from 17 or so units covering 1500 m of close terrain?

You think you have found a flaw that needs " official settings be balanced"......but we allow the player to do that based on HIS level of you know what YOURS is you can adjust the defenders higher or adjust the number of game turns lower. Game turns are variable they are not fixed at the 39 you were given but they can be changed to anything you can the number of points each side gets........which they would be in any tournament-----do you expect us to automagically KNOW exactly what skill level each player is at how each player thinks and constructs his forces?

You are the first person I am aware of that has complained that advances are lopsided in favour of the advancing side and I've been doing this for 20 years.........does anyone else agree ??

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