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Post Re: The Curse of the Delay

Imp: Sorry for misreading you seemingly misunderstanding one of my posts.

DRG & Imp: What I think is you assume that the defender has a large inherent advantage *even if not allowed to dig in*. Whereas I believe this is simply not the case.

Ironically, you are so well entrenched in your opinion that I could bombard you with battalions of evidence and wouldn´t change your mind an inch.

I wonder what would happen if I proposed to add an improvised dug-in state that a leg unit can enter if it is stationary for 5 turns or so. I suppose that is so heretic that it would cause heads to explode.

Wait a minute, I think i can predict your answer: "This feature has already been suggested n times n years ago, and we didn´t include it because we didn´t want to."

Was I close?