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Default Re: The Curse of the Delay

No, YOU miss the point. As I said the ratios are set up for the AI and have been that way since the later 1990's......suddenly you think there is a problem.......

As we have said the game has a wide variety of controls for players to tweak the game to suit themselves. You could EASILY set up an advance / delay any way you like...... don't like 50%..... no problem set the advancing side to whatever points you like then set the delaying side to 60% of that or 70% of that or 80% of that or whatever you like.....or before the game begins adjust the number of turns so the advancing side has to hurry......all of these are simple solutions that players have been using for years to adjust the game to suit their style of play...... it's quite simple......but you do not want that want the game to play perfectly for you without making adjustments. You are the FIRST person in 20 years who has voiced this complaint and as you can see people aren't flocking to support your position and since the main complaint was your belief this is unbalanced in a human vs Human game it easily to adjust the game to the turns or ratios you want