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Default Re: Guide to communions

A bit of an exploit with communion : magic items auto-casting spells worn by communion members equipped with matrixes affect the other member of the communion.

In my case, a mage with a copper plate and and crystal matrix made the other communion members (matrixes too) have charge body at the beginning of the battle. Other items would certainly do the same (crystal shield for example, which auto-cast power of the spheres, ring of regeneration too).

I don't know if it works only for mages members of the communion before the start of the battle (matrixes), of if it works with members joining the communion on turn 1 (communion master and communion slave spells). Or if it works with non mages (a tug with a crystal matrix getting buffed by the mages's items).

It's an exploit in my opinion, so I didn't investigate it further. People with less ... morals ... might want to give it a try.
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