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Default Re: Alternate fix for the full screen colors in win7

I've got an issue when playing both SPMBT and SPWW2 with Win 7. I can't adjust the scroll speed or game play, no matter how I change the initial settings. The scroll will move about 10 hexes, screen-freeze, then jump ten hexes screen-freeze, and repeat over and over. I can not get a smooth slide across the screen.

If I move a unit and it is fired upon, I hear the firing. a couple of seconds later the round will appear on the screen, there will be a sound detonation, and a couple of seconds later the explosion or smoke-ball will appear.

I am loading from the discs. I'm not real strong in computer language skills. I've looked through the manual and as much as I can I have searched this forum. I can respond through email so we don't clutter this board if I can get someone to help me trouble shoot.

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