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Default Mistletoe - an LA game for busy people (in progress)

Oi people, this is to be my first hosted game on LlamaServer. Huzzah! I'm hosting a game, rather than just joining one, because I want to try out some slightly unusual settings, the most controversial of which I will mention immediately so as not to waste your time: This game, as the title suggests, will be set on quickhost, with a time limit of... DUH DUH DUNNHHHHH.... six days.

No no, I do not expect turns to actually take six days! I will take my turns almost as frequently as I would in a game with more conventional time limits, and I expect (but WILL NOT require) that most others will as well. I am a busy person, is all, and I don't like being bossed around by my video games! So I want to try this, to see what will happen. Are you busy too? Then maybe you'll join me! Are you totally freaked out? Then please move along.

As for other settings: I want to try playing on a large random map, with ~20 provinces per player; I haven't gotten a chance to do that yet and I think it would be interesting. Also, score graphs will be turned off.

I will default to using no mods, but if people want one then I'll consider it.


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