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Default Re: winSPMBT in Windows8

Originally Posted by Rosmarus View Post
Heya, I just got SPMBT CD-version and installed it to my new win8 laptop. The problem is that game seems to run in "bits". What i'm trying to say is that when I move my mouse to the edge of the map it scrolls, then stops for a moment and then scrolls some more and stops again. Same goes for the units, tank moves a bit, stops and then moves a bit again, you get the idea. I'd propably blame this on my specs if I didn't know any better. I ran MBT nicely on my previous laptop which was an ASUS EeePC, very very weak considering the hardware. It can't be Win8 either since my tabletop runs it smoothly and it has Win8 as well. Any ideas what to click to make this go away? Oh, I can't change GDI mode to the DIrectX, it's all grayed out.

Specs for those who are interested:
Intel Core i5 3210M 2,5GHz (2 cores)
Nvidia 635M
4gb DDR3
Win 8 64bit
If the game runs fine on your desktop pc with win8 but is jerky on your laptop then my guess is that there is some sort of driver or software issue on that laptop.

Did you try running the game in both fullscreen and windowed modes? Was there any difference?

Quite far fetched probably but you could also try to run the game on the second core of your multicore prosessor.
In this case you would use the command:
start /B /WAIT /AFFINITY 2 WinSPMBT.exe
to start the game from the command promt or with a cmd file in the game dir. Not sure if that works on win8 though...

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