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Default Re: winSPMBT in Windows8

Originally Posted by Rosmarus View Post
In windowed mode the game seems to run fine. Any ideas why I can't switch between GDI and DirectX?
DirectX option is disabled on windows vista and later.
From the game manual:
"Game Mode-Sets up the game to start in as a Window or Full screen and to use Direct X or GDI. GDI may be useful in some windows emulators e.g. on Linux. Normally DirectX is recommended but testing has revealed that GDI works better when the game is run in Windowed mode with MS Vista or Windows 7 because If directx mode is chosen the Windows Aero system will still scramble the palette when you alt-tab to another programme and the game is minimised to the task bar. On restoring the game later the palette will be scrambled. However, with GDI mode, this problem does not occur, and so the GameOptions launcher now selects GDI mode for windowed game play and DirectX mode is disabled for Windowed mode when gameoptions finds Vista or Win7 on start up"

In the game mode it just has GDI grayed out in full screen and windowed mode in my windows 7 machines.
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