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Question Re: Issue with Scenhack Utility

Originally Posted by Karagin View Post
Okay, I took Scenario 30 War Without End 4/47, I changed out the human Player for my custom Green OOB. I did a one for one swap, infantry for infantry. Seeing that it kept the Polish Ranks for the Green-side, I went over to Scenhack and got the following error


A screenshot is attached.

Now I understand that something like this would come up with a WW2 scenario being messed with, but this is a 1947 scenario built within the WinSPMBT format, all I did was swap Poland out to the Green OOB.

And the only reason I using the Scenhack was to change the ranks and names over the Green OOB ranks and names for the leaders.

Bit confused, so I tried another scenario doing the same thing and this time I took one with Russia vs Germany, 1985 Changed Russia OOB to Green OOB, and got the same error as above.

I then went through the Green OOB, checking to make sure all dates were correct and no weird radio codes and anything odd or out of place, and nothing seemed odd to me at least.

So I am lost as to what is going on, the scenario will play fine with the changes via the in-game editor, but it still shows the Polish Ranks and Names, minor but still a bit of an annoyance.
If I understand, then let me share What I've done in similar circumstance is to buy say Russia, as an ally from of course the Editor. Then, in scenhack I can change leader and formation names. Even, changing the id tag.

Now, when I've "changed" an OOB, I create a custom OOB (for every scenary is my practice.) Then, I call up the Manage OOB Sets utility before proceeding to scenhack.

Again, I maybe way out in left field, to use a baseball metaphor, but if not I hope my sharing is beneficial.

And, finally please consider posting the scen files.

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