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Default Re: Best WWII Films

Here are some of my favorite TV Shows (and some that are not!)

WWII Dramatic Series (not all encompassing)
(1957-US) The Silent Service (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.6)(PTO - Recreations of actual events)

(1962-US) Combat! (5 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.5)(ETO - "Caje, take the point")

(1962-US) The Gallant Men (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 8.4)(MTO - Spaghetti, anyone?)

(1964-US) Twelve O'Clock High (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.3)(ETO - Like the movie continued on)

(1966-US) The Rat Patrol (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.6)(Fun & games with Jeeps in North Africa)

(1966-US) Jericho (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 7.8)(ETO - Allied Sabateur Team)

(1966-US) Blue Light (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 7.6)(Robert Goulet as a spy in Germany)

(1969-UK) Manhunt (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.1)(Brit Flyer with the French Resistance)

(1972-UK) Colditz (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.5)(German POW Camp for previous escapees)

(1976-US) Baa Baa Black Sheep (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.7)(PTO - "Pappy" Boyington & Pals)

(1977-UK) Secret Army (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.8)(Belgian escape line for allied flyers)

(1978-UK) Enemy at the Door (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.0)(Occupation of the channel islands)

(1979-UK) Danger UXB (1 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.7)(Early EOD days in Britain)

(1981-UK) Tenko (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.8)(Japanese POW camp for civilian women)

(1987-UK) Wish Me Luck (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.9)(Spies & Resistance in France)

(2002-UK) Foyle's War (9 "Seasons")(IMDB Rating: 8.4)(Civilian murder investigations during WWII)

WWII Sitcoms (not all encompassing)
(1957-UK) Army Game (5 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.9)(Victim of INFAMOUS "BBC Wipe")

(1962-US) McHale's Navy (4 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.5)(PTO PTs)

(1965-US) Hogan's Heroes (6 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.9)("I know NOTHING!")

(1968-UK) Dad's Army (9 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.1)("They don't like it up 'em!" the Home guard!)

(1974-UK) It Ain't Half Hot Mum (8 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.1)('SHUTTING UP' in India & Burma)

(1977-US) Operation Petticoat (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 7.0)(PTO)

(1982-UK) Allo Allo (9 Seasons) (IMDB Rating: 8.3)("Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once" Thees ease a Secrett Wahr paroh-dee)

Not WWII Drama (but worth a look)
(1956-US) West Point (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 7.6)

(1981-UK) Kessler (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 6.9)(IMDB Rating: )(Post WWII-Secret Army followup)

(1963-US) The Lieutenant (1 Season)(IMDB Rating: 8.6)(Pre Vietnam)

(1977-UK) Wings (2 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.1)(WWI)(_NOT_ the US sitcom and it Be-2c's instead of Camel's or SE5a's! Wow!)

(1978-UK) The Sandbaggers (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.9)(Cold War Spying)

(1987-US) Tour of Duty (3 Seasons)(IMDB Rating: 8.4)(Vietnam)

(1993-US) Sharpe (16 TV Movies)(IMDB Rating: 8.0 +/-)(Napoleonics in Spain)

(1998-US) Horatio Hornblower (8 TV Movies)(IMDB Rating: 8.0 +/-)(Naval Napoleonics)

(Yes, this is my first post since joining the forum 8 years ago)
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