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Default Re: Beta ToO No1 Chapter No1: Plei Me

Pyros said:
Everything comes with a cost!!!

The support assets that gives you a decisive have an penalty (delay of 5 turns) in their reinforcement turn and a small advantage (heavier).
Pyros, I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing...

In the first scenario, which is a so called 'filler', a one turn scenario, where the player will not fight a battle but choose support elements.

His choice will advance him into the campaign, this will be done by branching the campaign.
One result, minor victory will give the player a certain support package... the other, decisive victory, will give him another support package.

It will also give the player campaign points because the game will treat the 'one turn filler scenario' the same as any other scenario in the campaign.

If the player wants the support package that uses the path to a decisive victory result he will recieve the campaign points (not build points) for a decisive victory (I think it's 3 points, draw scores 0). He will not have fought a battle to recieve those points. This might not be an issue, we might not even intend to set any BPR or points that determine DV, MV etc for the entire campaign (i.e the end result when the players has finished every scenario).

My suggestion is to explore the possible use of decisive defeat, minor defeat or draw as results after the 'one turn filler scenarios'. This because as far as I know theses scenarios results will not provide the player with any campaign points at all.
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