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Default Re: 10.5cm K gepanzerte Selbstfahrlafette IVa (Dicker Max)

Have you tried our ArmourCalc.exe
No, although I was aware of it. I knew it was used to calculate sloped armour into a flat rh steel value.

Enter the armour and the angle and press " Calculate" be careful about reading results...."0" degrees and 90 are one in the same....both indicate a flat plate straight on in some penetration date descriptions but for ArmourCalc 0 is a flat plate

That isn't quite what you wanted but it can be used to compare data you may have...100mm of armour @ 30 degrees = 115mm
I think I understand what you mean by this. Let me run it by you though just to make sure.

I have penetration results at a distance of 460 metres (500 yards) for one type of shell fired from a 90mm gun of 5.2 inches (132mm) @ an oblique angle of 30 degrees. I take that value and run it through ArmourCalc at 30 that should give me the value I'm looking for when dealing with regular flat plate.

That is so simple. It's genius!

At 900 metres (1000 yards) we are looking at 147mm @ 90 degrees (127mm @ 30), which is around 15 in game terms.

A maximum value of 17 just about gets us there (15 at 450 metres and 14 at 900 metres). I think 18 would be a stretch.

Now I've had a look around - on WarThunder for instance - and they have pretty different numbers. At 200 metres a number of 20 in MBT terms. Are their numbers "serious"? Or should I just ignore them?
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