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Default Re: 88 antitank, antiaircraft and artillery?

Originally Posted by Roman View Post
When I have played Germany the flak 88 works as anti-tank , but I think he is not working as flak. I'll try again to see if I'm wrong.
I have heard that this gun was also used as field artillery.
If so, no way to be used for bombing?
Yet I know that his best performance was as a anti-tank. In the rest was poor.
The 88mm in the game is being used as an anti-tank gun. When this was done, they were usually stripped of all the barrage directors and so on, and were deployed individually in A/T positions to engage tanks, not deployed as a centralised battery, grouped round an AAA predictor and connected up with cables etc.

There is absolutely no point in any sort of AAA version, since it was used for barrage fire at level bombers at medium to high altitudes. Attack planes are down low, where the lighter flack is required to deal with them. The 88 does not do that since it cannot track fast targets.

Wasting a unit class as "heavy flak" which could only fire at level bombers would be a total waste of time. How often does your PBEM opponent use level bombers on you?. (The AI does not use the class, which was really only created for scenario designers to write Normandy Breakout type scenarios with).

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