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Default Re: My greatest victory

Originally Posted by jivemi View Post
Originally Posted by Aeraaa View Post
OK, it's against the AI, but it was such a massacre I thought I'd rather share the results (For the record it's an Israel vs Syria scenario, the "to settle the score" one):

Nice going. Aren't those Merkava's terrific? On my try they took over a dozen hits, maybe half from ATGM's, but only one got fried from an unseen enemy lurking in an adjacent woods hex (never did get that sucker). Their anti-HEAT is simply marvelous. Even those armored APC's (Achzarit) the Izzies have are tough nuts to crack. Lost only one of those to a flank missile hit, another to lucky artillery. Scenario's a bit(?) unbalanced maybe but hey, it was fun.

For the record final score was 30,000 and change to a little over 2,300. Could've done better but I just HAD to fool around with an Apache, succeeding in having it shot down by radar flak. Great way to flush 700 points down the gurgler. Plus I forgot to dismount two 90-point snipers from ATV's that were later lost . Live and learn, eh?
Merkavas are indeed awesome. One of mine took a direct hit from a Kornet and survived, now that's a feat! (so much for a lieutenant I knew telling us Kornet can destroy any known tank in existence...)

That being said, I did lose 2 from carelessness, if I didnt my score would be even better (though I dont remember how I lost them, I think one from a close assault and one from an ATGM of some sort, Syrian tanks didnt even fire a shot at my tanks...)
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