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Default Re: Polish OOB

I have cut and copied this to study once I actually start looking at doing OOB work AND I'll wait and see who else might have an opinion on this but a few points.

1/ Have you adjusted your OOB to see how that plays out ? I suspect not

2/ The ENTIRE reason winSPWW2 allows up to 19 men and all the infantry graphics are set up for 19 max is because of those Polish 19 man platoons ( that you want to split 9+10............) that have been set up that way for years and this is the FIRST complaint I've heard about it and we have more than our fair share of Poles that have expessed interest and opinons about how the OOB is put together. The Info line of that OOB only scratches the surface

Don't take that as a negative. If the game can be made more true to life without tearing it all apart and starting again I will try to accomodate but this is a fundamental change to the infantry in that OOB so not something I would do just to see who it makes happy and unhappy


3/ you should know that the ONLY difference in game terms between a Wz. 98a and a Wz. 98 is the ''a" and I could easily fix that by removing the 'a' but this is getting a wee bit too nit picky..... yes?

4/ Genades were covered by Drela a year or two back and my compromise was what's there now because going to one grenade screws things up that this solution does not and the only people this upsets are people who know there was a Za and Ob variant and in game terms it mean NOTHING
IN game terms we could have generic Handgrenades and generic "rifles" for evey nation and the game would play out the same so really that is a complaint about an insignificant detail


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