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Default Re: Polish OOB

1. You mean editing OOB in my game? Not really, as I said, I am not good with that.

2. That is not really any sort of complaint. I am just informing you that efficiency is down pretty badly. This makes German and other scenarios way easier. Funny thing is that I have seen a scenario or two where designer manually adjusted that. All I ask is to consider that thing in the game. Italians have it? Why not the others if necessary?
At this moment Polish quite often seem to be loosing firefights they should not. I came up for this idea after playing couple of September 1939 PBEMs, against Slovaks, Germans, Soviets etc.

3. Not sure what do you mean by that. I mentioned weapons only as a detail.

4. Rifles are actually pretty well covered. This is what I like in this game and this is why I mentioned Wz. 98 and Wz. 29. As for grenades - just noting that, nothing else - there is a significant difference in "kill" statistic (3:0 and 6:0). These grenades pretty much include the difference in Polish division of grenade. Our doctrine used to (not sure how it is now) differ them between typical "fragmentation grenades" (which is Ob = obronny), such as soviet F-1 grenade and those grenades relying on explosion power rather than fragmentation (Za = zaczepny), such as soviet RG-42. This division seems quite dead for me and I just don't get why we include two different grenades.
But as I said, it's just a mention, do as you like with it.

That platoon is key argument.