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Default Re: Spanish OOB32 and OOB33 v.11 (2018)

Spanish Republic OOB32


162, 175 Mortero Valero (81mm) - a manual suggests, that max range was 2200 m ( p.18) - now 55
It had quite an interesting unusual look

163, 176 Mortero Ecia (50mm) - according to, range was 1000 m (now 14). This page says it was Model 1932 (now used from 1/30)

165, 177 Mortero Stokes - no mention on 3in Stokes on the quoted page... However, claims, that they were widely used by the Republican Army. Anyway, it would be original WW1 obsolete mortar, with 731 m range, instead of new .
If any were bought during the war, surely it wasn't available from 1930.
Anyway, HE kill should be 11, like British one (now 9 - it was 81mm in fact).

164, 178 Mrtr Delaunay - no mention on the quoted page...
(apparently mortier de 75 mm Mle 1917 Jouhandeau-Deslandres manufactured by Delaunay). Icon is a gun.

166, 179 Mortero Brandt - according to the quoted page, appeared only from 8/36 (now 1/30).
A standard mortar from 1/30 before 81mm Valero was 60mm Valero-Esperanza, which could be added. No data can be found, but I assume, that range would be no more than 1000-1200 m...

161, 181 Mortero SB - according to the quoted page, 60mm Brandt appeared only from 8/36 (now 9/35).

There was also an interesting German WW1 Erdhart 76 mm used in over 300 pieces: (photo

Also 21 of were used by Republica.

Same for ranges of weapons in Nationalist Spain OOb33:
#37 3" Stokes M.18
#40 5cm Valero-Ecia
#58 81mm Valero M33

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