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Exclamation Re: Halftracks

The 251/9 issue I will look into but it may impact a number of scenarios and I am not going to "fix" one problem only to create a multitude of other problems...but I will look into it.

Good point about the AP capability of the 1.5 cm drilling..other weapons in that UC also have AP capability but you obviously didn't look at the UC of weapon 166..... off map aircraft weapons DO NOT get AP capability.

YES I know unit 435 is the Luftwaffe does the same job as the 251/17 so it is doing " double duty".

I too have a source that shows the HMG mounted 251/1 and I will consider adding it but as noted the OOB is full and many units have been as they are now for years and changing or removing them can have an impact on scenarios and as I said already I am not going to "fix" one problem only to create a multitude of others requiring many hours of work for an issue one ( 1 ) player has a problem with.

I need to review my sources regarding that 251/1 PzB.. they were for sure mounted on 250's and I know for a fact that unit 218 has been like that for going back to the early DOS versions of the game where it was named "SdKfz 251/10a" but I will look into how changing that might create unwanted knock-off may be possible without too much aggravation to change the early version to carry the PzB 39 ATR as an alternative to the stock 251/1 halftrack but even that isn't simple as it sounds....if it doesn't I may be able to find a solution but it's not just's 832 as well and they didn't carry the ATR later war so I *MAY* be able to use 832 as something else but that depends on the impact on scenarios. I am NOT going to fix a very minor problem only to create bigger ones...which is usually what happens .......and it's not just sceanrios.....every separate campaign scenario needs to be checked as well so one seeminly simple change request that takes 15 seconds to make could make days worth of work for something that is actually very minor that has little effect on game play

In other OOB's changes like this are relatively straightforward but in this OOB any change that involved radically changing a unit has to be checked and re-checked. unit 578 and 856 are the same unit but like many others in this OOB are grey before the start of 1943 and camo after the start of 1943 and I am not going to start changing things like that at this stage of game development.

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