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Default Re: Italy OOB 34 corrections/suggestions (v.11) 2018

Mostly they are very minor things, but since I had written them down before, I'll just finish with this OOB (unlike 3 years ago, I haven't examined all the OOB this time, only artillery and some things that caught my eye during picture work...)

58 SPA 65L17 - Autocannone 65/17 were typically used on captured Morris CS8 chassis, not SPA (even described on Wikipedia as standard equipment ).
According to "Italian Truck Mounted Artillery In Action", in service from 9/41 [now 6/41 - would need change in formations 429, 430].
Ammo carried on a vehicle was 36 according to that book (AT and HE, probably by half, because such was proportion on an additional ammo truck, carrying 250 rounds).

It can also be doubled as class 52 SP-AT vehicle.

62 AS-37 Protetto,
63 2TL-37 Protetto

- according to "Italian Armoured vehicles of WWII" Carro Protetto AS 37 was derived from the TL 37 tractor, so it is the same vehicle. TL-37 itself wasn't armoured. However, Italian Wikipedia calls it Autoprotetto S37 , what looks quite reliable, because AS-37 was a name of light truck (also derived from TL37) (unit 421)
The same (suggested names are "Autoprotetto 37"or "AutoprotettoS37")

MG was a standard weapon, some had portable(?) flamethrower.
According to the book, it entered production in 1941 - Wikipedia suggests 1942, and the quoted page says, that only 6 were made by 1/42.
Capacity was 7 + 2 crew (according to Wikipedia, 8+1). Armour was 8mm all around.
Both differ in size (3 seems better - photo:

The same as for production and size for 484 TL-37 AS-20 (I couldn't find info that such variant with 20 mm gun ever existed).

68 SPA 35 Dovunque
- it was used until 1946 at least [now 12/45]
Speed was 60 km/h [now 18]

399 SPA 41 Dovunque - it entered production in 1943 [now 41].
Icon is wrong for this truck, for it had a long nose - best seems 606.
It should be AT-wheel - 6x6 drive.

420 Fiat 508M [scout veh.] - carry capability should be max 4 (it carries 014 Esploratori) (which is twice as much for this vehicle anyway - it was a nonsense military spider for 1+2 persons

A Scout Vehicle might also be available as a separate unit (now it is only in a company)

423 Fiat 508CM [scout veh.] - crew should be rather 1 [3] and carry 104 [102] (now these are specs of FO variant)