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Confused Re: loading a downloaded image

Trying an experiment, loading a downloaded image instead of using OneDrive. This is from a scenario I am working on called Paw of the Tiger (an old ASL/SL scenario I am almost done converting).

Nope that did not work either, even if I resize an image it got bigger! There must be an easier way to load images. I saved the screenshot as a png and downloaded it, but even at 1 meg it's too big for this forum. When I resized the image (tried 75% and 50%) the image got even bigger!

It seems I can only post an image from the insert image button in the advanced editor and when I do that it wants a url. So I just pasted in my OneDrive url for the screen shots I made.

Don't understand why those don't display here?

In OneDrive I just click share to generate the permalink.

Here is the insert image function:

And here is the insert link function:!AiSjv0_WD-X35xnlwARPdMaJYOVJ

As you can see the insert image function does not work for me. No idea why.

Also I can't contact 'tech' support here, when I try to login it says my password is incorrect. Which is plain wrong since I am obviously logged into this forum with the same credentials and would not be able to post!

So Customer support is also broken for me.
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