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Default Re: Chinese OOB21 v.2016

It's true, that it's hard to find anything - I spent some time trying to gather that info. Now Don has this comfort, that he can apply what he likes, or throw all away Anyway, I had to share it.

As I've said, I'm not checking the artillery (eg. that 75mm PH Battery have too low range to go off map ), but only one thing:

95 75mm Tp 90 FG - much more popular was older Japanese gun Type 38. It's not very likely, that new Japanese guns were captured by the Chinese in so significant number, to become a standard. And Type 38 could be available earlier (info at : ...Many of these weapons were captured during the Sino-Japanese War and employed against their former owners or were subsequently acquired from abandoned stocks after 1945 and used during the Civil War. Smaller quantities of Japanese 75mm Type 41 (Model of 1908) cavalry field guns, Schneider designed 75mm Type 90 (Model of 1930) and 75mm Type 95 (Model of 1935) field guns were also captured. )

Same for unit 124 - battery


396 Kwangsi 3 - only one was built of Kwangsi Type 3, and only in 1937 (now 1930) - it was obsolete in a beginning. BTW, the photo is something else.
Same for unit 440.

It could be replaced as the earliest aircraft with Waco 240A fighter, keeping the same icon, reportedly capable even of taking two 100 lb bombs
If the link to google books doesn't work, I saved the article.

Alternatively, early aircraft were:
- AW 16 , but used from late 1931
- AW Atlas

399 V-92C Corsair - photo in Chinese markings: (now it's Siamese)

402 Type 97 Ki-27 - very little chance, that the Chinese captured(?) a significant number of newest Japanese fighters. One is known to be captured only in 1942:

It might be replaced eg. with Curtiss Hawk 75M, used from late 38
Armament was probably 4 MGs and possibly bombs.
photos: or

Also, Dewoitine D.510 were used, with 20mm gun and 2 MGs since 1938

410 Type 24 I-16 - Chinese markings:
I-16 type 17/24 with 20mm guns were used only from late 1939 (8/39?)
Earlier there were I-16 Type 5 with 2 MGs, later 4MGs

413 P-39 Aircobra - picture is P-63. But were P-39 used by the Chinese at all?... I can't find any drawing nor info.

That's rather all...
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