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Default Re: thermal imaging...

Originally Posted by Aeraaa View Post

Its a long time since I've played the scenario (I got a marginal victory) [...] It was messy and I had casualties in both infantry and tanks, but I managed to break through the ridge and after that the scenario becomes much easier.
--Spoiler Alert--

Just finished it myself, cutting the ratio for a marginal too close for comfort (6,200:12,740). Had the 3 Leopards taking pothots at a T-80 sticking its snout out from defilade on the penultimate turn not providentially missed it would've been a draw. Whew!

Carelessly lost 3 T-80s coming off the first ridge towards the town--didn't smoke off the next ridge, so they got whacked by Milans from Marders and dismounts across the way. In addition sloppy play like turning tail instead of using the 8-key to scurry for cover and showing flank to Jaegers lost a couple more.

Those Gepard A1s with radar F/C were murder on BTRs; seems they can fire through smoke at ground targets. Meanwhile could hardly spot anything until almost on top of them, sometimes even in the same hex! No sense in plotting air missions without visible targets so the flyboys stayed out of this one.

Anyway good to have this monkey off my back. Might make a full-blooded AAR about it but as you say it was messy. Need to recover from the strain first. Cheers!

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