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Default Re: New Scenario

Hi X
Just got a chance to play your scenario....I like it. When you first start playing it looks grim with all the armor coming at you but if you set up right you can take a toll on them.
I got a decisive on this one. Only lost one objective point and took out most of the armor units. For tactics I placed the ranger foot units in the building with their engagement range set at 1 so they would hit the tanks as they passed. This cost sometimes when there were 3 or more tanks moving in at one time but it did work. the dragons I set on the hill tops or just behind and took out the tanks as they got closer. The air really helped. If not for it I might have been overrun. I might try it out without using the air just to see what happens. You might want to include a couple of ammo canisters on the drop as the dragon teams run out of ammo real fast. If you did this you could eliminate the air support.

The map looks good overall. For esthetics you could add patches of rough terrain and bare earth. I find that mixing some of these in makes it look nice.

I noticed you mentioned you were over there. Will pray for your safe return.

Tom D
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